As a company dedicated to transparency, we believe our customers should know that we don't use shipping costs as an excuse to inflate prices. We maintain our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. That's why we've created this page with links to the official websites of our carriers. Here, you can input the destination, size, and approximate weight of your item to get an estimated shipping cost. Simply click on the carrier's image, and you'll be directed to their official website for further details.

To calculate the shipping cost, you would follow the steps below:

1. Go to the LTL selection for shipping.

2. Enter the origin ZIP code as 33166 for Miami, FL.

3. Choose the "business" location type.

4. Do not select any additional accessories if you already have a lift gate.

5. Enter your address information, specifying if it's a residential or business address.

6. Enter the destination ZIP code.

7. Select additional delivery options such as lift gate, appointment fee, and residential delivery.

8. Provide item descriptions and packaging type always is box not pallets

    - If the item is made of wood, add 3 inches to the height and width, with an additional 3 inches for the depth (e.g., for a 40 x 84 door, use 43 for height and 87 for width).

    - If the item is made of glass, add 2 inches to the height and width.

9. Determine the weight of the item, and calculate the hardware, which is double the width and add 3 to both width and height, where the height is always 6 inches and the width is always 3 inches (e.g., for a door measuring 40'' x 84'', the hardware dimensions are L 83'' W 6 H 3'') 

10. When determining the freight class for your shipment, you should note that the class will always be either 77 or 77.5. Additionally, the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) code for the shipment will be 34265 with sub-class 05

By following these steps, you can obtain an accurate shipping cost for your specific situation and requirements.