Characteristic of pine wood
Scientific name of Pine wood
Its English name is Pine, derived from the Latin Pinus. The scientific name of pine is Pinus. Pine refers to the shrubs of the genus Pinus, there are now more than 112 different species of pine and they are originally often called Pine. Pine trees thrive best in temperate climates.

Morphological characteristics of pine wood

Pine trees are tall and straight, with small branches. With light and space conditions, the tree have larger branches. Altitude depends on the species from 3-80 meters (10-260 feet), with common elevations ranging from 15-45m (50–150 ft). Most of the bark is usually scaly, the trunk is resinous. The branches are created in a regular spiral. The leaves are green, growing in clusters.

– Where are pine trees mainly distributed in Vietnam?

Pine trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere, and are distributed in some temperate to tropical regions. Pine trees can live in a wide range of environments from tropical forests to semi-arid deserts, from the coldest to the hottest climates. However, they will usually occur in mountainous areas with favorable soil and little water.

90% of Vietnam Pine area is in the Langbian Plateau has an altitude of 1000-1800m, and some lower areas such as the Di Linh Plateau have an altitude of 800-1000m, in addition, it is also distributed in other regions of Vietnam such as Ha Giang, Son La, Gia Lai, Kontum. With about 15 different species of Pine.

Is pine a hardwood or a softwood?

Pine is an evergreen gymnosperm that belongs to the softwood group. Wood still ensures certainty when used in construction and furniture design.

pine wood grain and texture

Pine wood has a straight grain, medium texture, ensuring stability when used as furniture. However, some types will have uneven texture and appear knots.

Color of Pine wood

There are sapwood and core that are not clearly distinguished, the heartwood is light brown and the sapwood is lighter yellowish white.

Pine wood growth

Pines are grown in both temperate and tropical regions, however they grow rapidly in temperate climates. A pine tree has a life span of 1000 years, now for the purpose of planting and harvesting, pine is harvested after 20-25 years.
In Vietnam, some species of Pine grown from 13-15 years old can be exploited for resin. In the next 5-7 years, they will be get wood.

Durability of Pine wood:

Pine is a soft wood, but it is still hard, so it is chosen for use in furniture and in house construction. At the same time, compared to hardwood they are less prone to shrinkage or swelling in humid environments. However, over time, we all need to preserve and maintain to limit wear and tear with any type of wood.