Specifications Glossary of our products and materials used

Explore our Specifications Glossary, your ultimate guide to understanding various glass privacy levels, solid wood species, and coatings in the realm of home and architectural design. Delve into detailed explanations about glass frosted design types like Semi-Private, Non-Private, and Full-Private, and comprehend the different aspects and applications of each. Gain insights into the diverse array of solid wood/timber species, each with its unique characteristics and uses. Learn about the intricacies of stains and polyurethane coatings, enabling enhanced durability and aesthetics to wood surfaces. Additionally, find clear, concise information on MR-MDF, unlocking the benefits and applications of this versatile material. Each term is elucidated with precision, assisting both novices and experts in making informed decisions on materials and designs, and elevating the overall knowledge in this sector. Elevate your understanding of materials and their properties with our comprehensive glossary!