Wood types and color stains

Varieties of wood and stain

When you buy an unfinished
solid wood item from us, it is crucial to apply a finish to it within a week of
receiving it, as it is prone to damage from the elements and moisture. We craft
our solid wood items to meet the highest quality standards, yet leaving them
untreated for an extended period increases the risk of warping or cracking.
Being a natural material, wood may either expand or shrink based on its
surroundings and the current climate. This characteristic holds true for solid
wood items that have been finished as well, and it should not be seen as a
flaw, but rather a natural trait of solid wood. While we finish our solid wood
products with premium paints and finishes, it is still possible for them to
crack or warp. As such, we cannot accept responsibility for any cracking or
warping of solid wood items, whether they are finished or not, if these issues
are not reported within three days of delivery. Additionally, it's important to
note that the wood grain of our products is beyond our control and varies from
one item to the next, as it is a pattern that develops naturally.

We offer our wooden doors in a
selection of wood types and color stains.




Jequitiba Jbarco

Oak Andino

New Zealand Oak (NZ Oak)

Tropical Timber