Frosted designs and privacy levels

Privacy levels
For each of our frosted designs you have the choice between 3 different privacy levels:
1: Semi-private (design transparent/design background frosted)
2: Non-private (design frosted/design background transparent)
3: Full-private for an additional charge of $30.00 (glass panel front side: design frosted/glass panel back side: completely frosted)


Please note that the design frosting is always applied to the front of the glass panel. Full frosted glass panels without design have the frosting also on the front side. For opaque designs, the entire back of the glass panel is additionally frosted. 


Privacy Level


Frosting translucency
Please note that full-private frostings are not 100% opaque. This means that the closer objects are to the glass panel, the stronger they shine through. For this reason we recommend for example for bathrooms that should offer maximum privacy a full frosting on the front and back side of the glass panel, however, then no design can be applied.


Frosting translucency